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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Launch Partners

Presentation by HSBC Amanah

Raja Amir Shah Raja Azwa
CEO, HSBC Amanah

Raja Amir was appointed as CEO of HSBC Amanah in May 2021 and is responsible for executing the HSBC Group’s strategy for Islamic banking in Malaysia, driving sustainable leadership and value-based intermediation efforts while spearheading the development of talent, particularly in relation to Islamic finance and sustainability within the group. Prior to his appointment, Raja Amir was the head of debt capital markets for Malaysia.

Raja Amir started his career in London in the tech industry and moved to a local investment bank in 2006. Thereafter, he joined HSBC Amanah in 2010 and has since held various roles within the International Currency Business Unit and Debt Capital Markets team.

In recent times, Raja Amir led the government of Malaysia’s US$800 million sustainability Sukuk, being the world’s first-ever sustainability Sukuk by a sovereign as well as the issuance of Yinson Holdings’s RM1 billion (US$220.36 million) five-year sustainability-linked Sukuk Wakalah, Malaysia’s first-ever sustainability-linked Sukuk.

Raja Amir is also in charge of delivering Project Cocoon, a sustainability transformation program to truly embed sustainability in HSBC Amanah by achieving more than 51% of HSBC Amanah’s financing balances to be aligned to the ‘Triple-Bottom-Line’ principles.

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