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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Launch Partners

ISLAMIC SUSTAINABLE FINANCE & INVESTMENT: A New Digital Platform from the REDmoney Group

KUALA LUMPUR, 28TH APRIL 2022: REDmoney, the Islamic finance industry’s leading media group and parent of Islamic Finance news, is delighted to announce the launch of Islamic Sustainable Finance & Investment, a digital media platform focusing on the development of Shariah compliant sustainable financing and investing.

Sustainable financing and Islamic finance are two of the fastest-growing areas of the global financial market and given the close correlation of Shariah finance with environmental and social concerns, Islamic sustainable finance stand to grow significantly in the coming decades. Islamic finance is well placed to play a crucial role in supporting the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As of 2021, US$35.3 trillion-worth of assets were being professionally managed globally, an increase of 54% from US$22.9 trillion in 2016, according to Global Sustainable Investment Alliance figures, with assets having risen 15% over 2020–21. The United Nations Commission on Trade and Development has estimated that between US$5 trillion and US$7 trillion in annual investments would be needed until 2030 to fund the 17 SDGs in developing countries. Global Islamic finance assets are forecast to reach US$4.83 trillion in 2025, a rise of 119% from a decade earlier, according to Refinitiv.

“The growth for sustainable finance has been phenomenal, and the potential for Islamic sustainable finance is immense. The world has recognized the instrumental role of finance in doing good and we are excited to be part of the movement. Islamic Sustainable Finance & Investment is the first global media platform dedicated to this booming sector. It will serve the industry with independent coverage and analysis in the form of reports, case studies, interviews, audio and video podcasts, virtual roundtables and through leadership articles, among others, through its multi-channel platform,” shares Vineeta Tan, the managing editor and a director of REDmoney Group.

“We are delighted to welcome Capital Markets Malaysia as a launch partner for Islamic Sustainable Finance & Investment, and the International Islamic Financial Market, Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector, International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit, IsDB Institute and the UN Global Compact Network as strategic partners as well as Ideal Ratings as our data partner.”

Navina Balasingam, the head of stakeholder engagement and business development at Capital Markets Malaysia, Securities Commission Malaysia, commented: “Capital Markets Malaysia is committed to supporting industry-wide initiatives that profile the significant potential of the Islamic capital market in financing climate action and sustainable development. We are delighted to support Islamic Sustainable Finance & Investment which will serve as a facilitative platform to position the industry and encourage cooperation and knowledge-sharing.”

Readers can access exclusive content of Islamic Sustainable Finance & Investment by registering at The platform goes live on Monday 9th May 2022.

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