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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Fund Focus: Affin Hwang Aiiman Global Thematic Mixed Asset Fund

Affin Hwang Asset Management, which manages over RM79 billion (US$17.94 billion) in assets as at the 30th April 2021, has expanded its suite of thematic offerings with the launch of a new Shariah compliant fund.

Launched on the 15th June 2022, the Affin Hwang Aiiman Global Thematic Mixed Asset Fund is an open-ended retail Shariah compliant mixed asset fund that aims to provide investors with moderate capital growth over the medium- to long-term period.

The fund is designed for retail investors seeking moderate capital growth, a medium- to long-term investment horizon and a medium- to high-risk tolerance for their investments.

The Islamic fund will invest a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 80% of its net asset value (NAV) in Shariah compliant equities, as well as a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 60% of its NAV in Sukuk.

It also has the flexibility to invest a maximum of 20% of its NAV in Islamic deposits and Islamic money market instruments as well as a maximum of 15% of its NAV in Shariah compliant warrants and lastly up to 10% of its NAV in Islamic structured products.

“Through a flexible asset allocation strategy, the fund scours the best ideas across multiple themes and asset classes to deliver a smoother path of return for investors and combat [the] volatile times that we are seeing.

“By not being bounded to any geographical or sector limits as well, the fund is able to dynamically allocate between different key megatrends such as technological innovation, sustainability as well as changing demographics and lifestyles that will transform the way the world works,” said Chan Ai Mei, the chief marketing and distribution officer at Affin Hwang Asset Management.

Managed externally by Affin Hwang’s wholly-owned Islamic asset management arm AIIMAN Asset Management, the fund also benefits from the combined expertise of Schroders Investment Management which acts as its investment advisor.

The Affin Hwang Aiiman Global Thematic Mixed Asset Fund is offered in four currency classes, namely Malaysian ringgit hedged class, the US dollar class, the Singapore dollar hedged class and the Australian dollar hedged class. The minimum investment amount is US$1,000 for all listed currency classes.

The opinions and viewpoints expressed in the Fund Focus do not constitute as a recommendation for any funds highlighted. The information presented is not investment advice and should not be treated as such.

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