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Monday, June 17, 2024

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US companies Involved in Animal Cruelty and Testing

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Top 20 US companies, by market cap, involved in any form of animal cruelty. This includes; animal testing, usage of animal skin (e.g. fur & leather), animal caging, unclean farms, heartless animal live exporting, improper slaughtering, using electrification in animal training…etc. Caging excludes transportation companies unless the latter does not disclose the cages’ dimensions that abide by guidelines that ensure pets’ safety & comfort, in such case, this will be marked as involved

IR WIDISINNameNationBusiness ActivityESGOverall ESG RatingShariah Compliance
Johnson & JohnsonUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified10083.572.5AAPASS
5405N1US5324571083Eli Lilly and CoUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified847983.5AAPASS
7280N1US7427181091Procter & Gamble CoUnited StatesPersonal Products666183.5APASS
E2F101US00287Y1091AbbVie IncUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified937368.5APASS
A249A1US7170811035Pfizer Inc.United StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified94.57774.5AAPASS
1996N1US1912161007Coca-Cola CoUnited StatesBeverages – Non-Alcoholic5471.591APASS
5828N1US5801351017Mcdonald’s CorpUnited StatesRestaurants8067.590APASS
Abbott LaboratoriesUnited States
Medical Equipment / Supplies / Distribution
Starbucks CorporationUnited StatesRestaurants7968.580.5APASS
A04F31US3755581036Gilead Sciences, Inc.United StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified887555AFAIL
A2A931US6092071058Mondelez International IncUnited StatesFood Processing65.57257BBBPASS
752931US75886F1075Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IncUnited StatesBiotechnology836779APASS
A2E671US92532F1003Vertex Pharmaceuticals IncorporatedUnited StatesBiotechnology717380.5APASS
A0B321US5184391044Estee Lauder Companies IncUnited StatesPersonal Products8272.586AAPASS
E0B0E1US98978V1035Zoetis IncUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Generic / Specialty646677BBBFAIL
1065N1US0758871091Becton Dickinson and CoUnited States
Medical Equipment / Supplies / Distribution
2026N1US1941621039Colgate-Palmolive CompanyUnited StatesPersonal Products7671.588.5APASS
0177N1US0091581068Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.United StatesChemicals – Commodity787977APASS
4293N1US4278661081Hershey CoUnited StatesFood Processing878585AAPASS
2927N1US2788651006Ecolab IncUnited StatesChemicals – Specialty8266.585.5APASS
The ESG rating is based on IdealRatings Methodology and the Shariah compliance status is based on AAOIFI publicly published guidelines.