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Monday, June 17, 2024

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US companies involved in Legal Proceedings

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Top 20 US companies, by market cap, have not been involved in any environmental-related lawsuits, competition-related lawsuits, corruption-related lawsuits, infringement-related lawsuits, customers-related lawsuits, human rights-related lawsuits, safety and/or health-related lawsuits, suppliers-related lawsuits. Answers differ according to the case’s status:
– The case is still pending it takes an “Inconclusive” answer;
– The ruling was in favor of the company or there are no announced lawsuits against the company it takes a “yes answer”;
– The ruling was against the company, or a settlement was done that involves that the company pays money to the plaintiff, the answer will be “No”.
A track period of 2 years is allowed for lawsuits follow up.

IR WIDISINNameNationBusiness ActivityESGOverall ESG RatingShariah Compliance
056801US0378331005Apple IncUnited StatesConsumer Electronics96.57669.5AAPASS
578401US5949181045Microsoft CorpUnited StatesSoftware9465.587AAPASS
A997D1US02079K3059Alphabet IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting8856.582APASS, Inc.United StatesRetail – Department Stores49.558.549BBFAIL
C82791US88160R1014Tesla IncUnited StatesAuto / Truck Manufacturers71.54688BBBPASS
A069E1US91324P1021UnitedHealth Group IncUnited StatesManaged Health Care7461.570BBBFAIL
A21441US30231G1022Exxon Mobil CorpUnited StatesOil / Gas Refining / Marketing71.591.592AAPASS
Johnson & JohnsonUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified10083.572.5AAPASS
Visa IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting887372AFAIL
9556N1US9311421039Walmart IncUnited StatesFood Distribution / Convenience Stores55.55281BBBFAIL
A28271US46625H1005JPMorgan Chase & CoUnited StatesBanks886277AFAIL
NVIDIA CorporationUnited StatesSemiconductors959164AAPASS
A2E5A1US1667641005Chevron CorporationUnited StatesOil / Gas Exploration / Production757188APASS
5405N1US5324571083Eli Lilly and CoUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified847983.5AAPASS
7280N1US7427181091Procter & Gamble CoUnited StatesPersonal Products666183.5APASS
A286F1US57636Q1040Mastercard IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting887979.5AAFAIL
A1CD81US0605051046Bank of America CorpUnited StatesBanks9461.563.5AFAIL
CA3C01US30303M1027Meta Platforms IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting9355.577APASS
E2F101US00287Y1091AbbVie IncUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified937368.5APASS
A249A1US7170811035Pfizer Inc.United StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified94.57774.5AAPASS
The ESG rating is based on IdealRatings Methodology and the Shariah compliance status is based on AAOIFI publicly published guidelines.