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Monday, June 17, 2024

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US companies Involved in SDGs

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Top 20 US companies, by market cap, engaged in supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companies either explicitly state their involvement in serving at least one specific SDG or it reported actions in the company or to the society that are tied to at least one of the SDGs

IR WIDISINNameNationBusiness ActivityESGOverall ESG RatingShariah Compliance
056801US0378331005Apple IncUnited StatesConsumer Electronics96.57669.5AAPASS
578401US5949181045Microsoft CorporationUnited StatesSoftware946787AAPASS
A997D1US02079K3059Alphabet IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting8856.582APASS, Inc.United StatesRetail – Department Stores49.558.549BBFAIL
C82791US88160R1014Tesla IncUnited StatesAuto / Truck Manufacturers71.54688BBBPASS
A069E1US91324P1021UnitedHealth Group IncUnited StatesManaged Health Care7461.570BBBFAIL
Johnson & JohnsonUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified10083.572.5AAPASS
A21441US30231G1022Exxon Mobil CorpUnited StatesOil / Gas Refining / Marketing71.591.592AAPASS
Visa IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting887372AFAIL
9556N1US9311421039Walmart IncUnited StatesFood Distribution / Convenience Stores55.55481BBBFAIL
A28271US46625H1005JPMorgan Chase & CoUnited StatesBanks687359BBBFAIL
CA3C01US30303M1027Meta Platforms IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting9355.577APASS
A2E5A1US1667641005Chevron CorporationUnited StatesOil / Gas Exploration / Production757188APASS
5405N1US5324571083Eli Lilly and CoUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified847983.5AAPASS
NVIDIA CorporationUnited StatesSemiconductors959164AAPASS
7280N1US7427181091Procter & Gamble CoUnited StatesPersonal Products666183.5APASS
A286F1US57636Q1040Mastercard IncUnited StatesIT Services / Consulting887979.5AAFAIL
4366N1US4370761029Home Depot IncUnited StatesRetail – Specialty57.551.579.5BBBPASS
A1CD81US0605051046Bank of America CorpUnited StatesBanks9461.563.5AFAIL
E2F101US00287Y1091AbbVie IncUnited StatesPharmaceuticals – Diversified937368.5APASS
The ESG rating is based on IdealRatings Methodology and the Shariah compliance status is based on AAOIFI publicly published guidelines.