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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Gulf Ventures Capital to announce first project expansion under newly launched ‘Green Corp’ this month

Gulf Ventures Capital, the Bahraini subsidiary of Gulf Islamic Investments (GII), is poised to reveal its first expansion project under its newly launched Green Corp initiative later this month, Saleh Albelushi, CEO of Gulf Ventures Capital, told ISFI.

“We plan to announce our first project expansion later this month, which will demonstrate our intention to bring the healthiest fresh food to the GCC’s discerning buyers in a resourceful manner,” Saleh shared.

Gulf Ventures Capital launched business creation platform Green Corp on the 28th March 2023 to initiate and develop sustainable agricultural, aquaculture, food processing and production projects across the GCC.

Green Crop is envisioned as an umbrella organization to develop and support companies in the GCC’s primary and secondary food sectors, with its investors coming from a range of sources, including from the GII Group itself.

The initiative, managed by Gulf Ventures Capital on behalf of GII, will identify business opportunities in high-growth, demand-driven food companies, including soilless farming, fish farming and aquaculture, efficient agricultural production and food processing. Its activities may include acquiring existing companies or strategic investments and the introduction of existing, successful food production and processing businesses across borders into neighboring GCC states, Saleh detailed.

Gulf Ventures Capital was launched by GII on the 7th February as part of its MENA expansion strategy with a focus on the food sector in the GCC.

“We see significant growth potential in food projects and logistics in Bahrain and the larger GCC region. We continue to deliver on our strategy through expanding our portfolio for our stakeholders and partners,” Mohammed Al Hassan, co-CEO and co-founder of GII, noted on the launch.

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