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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Cagamas concludes issuance of RM3.3 billion (US$697.9 million) Sukuk and bonds

MALAYSIA: Cagamas of the National Mortgage Corporation has on the 1st November 2022 priced a total of RM3.3 billion (US$697.9 million) in Sukuk and conventional bonds, bringing the company’s year-to-date issuances from both domestic and international markets to RM16.1 billion (US$3.4 billion).

According to a statement, the Sukuk component of the issuances include a RM500 million (US$105.74 million) three-year ASEAN social SRI Sukuk facility as well as RM2.3 billion (US$486.42 million) in combined multi-tenored Islamic medium-term notes, while the bond issuances are RM300 million (US$63.45 million) three-year ASEAN social bonds and one-year SG$65 million (US$45.95 million) fixed rate euro medium-term notes.

Proceeds from the issuances will be used to fund the purchase of housing loans, house financing and eligible assets from the financial system.

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