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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Spanish companies with Net Zero Emission

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Top 20 Spanish companies, by market cap, with short and/or long-term net zero-emissions targets and highly scoring in the air emissions KPI. The latter refers to an overall weighted score of the underlying indicators used to assess corporates’ plans to reduce air emissions and mitigate climate risks. Net-zero emissions targets, or carbon neutrality, refers to balancing any emitted GH offset or sequestered equivalent emissions.

IR WIDISINNameNationBusiness ActivityESGOverall ESG RatingShariah Compliance
A2F8C1ES0148396007Industria de Diseno Textil SASpainRetail – Apparel / Accessories958576AAPASS
A2F211ES0144580Y14Iberdrola SASpainUtilities – Electric807278.5AFAIL
A511B1ES0113900J37Banco Santander SASpainBanks9066.577.5AFAIL
A2ED71ES0113211835Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SASpainBanks909675AAFAIL
AFA971ES0140609019CaixaBank SASpainBanks807656AFAIL
F5D191ES0105066007Cellnex Telecom SASpainWireless Telecommunications Services888980AAFAIL
C71201ES0109067019Amadeus It Group SASpainIT Services / Consulting89.57782.5AAPASS
A2ED61ES0116870314Naturgy Energy Group SASpainUtilities – Natural Gas88.58871.5AAFAIL
A2F5A1ES0173516115Repsol SASpainOil / Gas Refining / Marketing8777.584AAFAIL
E7C7C1ES0105046009Aena SME SASpainAirport Services9793.589AAAFAIL
A3CC21ES0178430E18Telefonica SASpainIntegrated Telecommunications Services948285AAFAIL
A2F951ES0118900010Ferrovial SASpainEngineering / Construction92.58386AAFAIL
B1E6D1ES0127797019EDP Renovaveis SASpainUtilities – Electric868886AAFAIL
A46B51ES0130670112Endesa SASpainUtilities – Electric1009192.5AAAFAIL
A32DB1ES0143416115Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SASpainUtilities – Electric9573.579AAPASS
A31291ES0125220311Acciona SASpainEngineering / Construction1009387AAAFAIL
AC6A21ES0171996087Grifols SASpainPharmaceuticals – Generic / Specialty94.580.593AAFAIL
CF0B41ES0177542018International Consolidated Airlns Grp SASpainAirlines6966.574BBBFAIL
A2F8B1ES0173093024Red Electrica Corporacion SASpainUtilities – Electric928678.5AAFAIL
ACS Actividades de Constrccn y Srvcos SA
SpainEngineering / Construction888283AAFAIL
The ESG rating is based on IdealRatings Methodology and the Shariah compliance status is based on AAOIFI publicly published guidelines.