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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Saudi Arabian companies aligned with SDGs

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Top 20 Saudi Arabian companies, by market cap, engaged in supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companies either explicitly state their involvement in serving at least one specific SDG or it reported actions in the company or to the society that are tied to at least one of the SDGs.

IR WID ISIN Name Nation Business Activity E S G Overall ESG Rating Shariah Compliance
F9E6D1 SA14TG012N13 Saudi Arabian Oil Co Saudi Arabia Integrated Oil / Gas 64.5 54.5 85 BBB PASS
AB0751 SA0007879113 Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corp SJSC Saudi Arabia Banks 52 69.5 60.5 BBB PASS
A54271 SA0007879121 Saudi Basic Industries Corporation SJSC Saudi Arabia Chemicals – Commodity 88 85 79.5 AA PASS
C4F9E1 SA13L050IE10 Saudi National Bank SJSC Saudi Arabia Islamic Banks 64 53.5 47.5 BB FAIL
AAD911 SA0007879543 Saudi Telecom Company SJSC Saudi Arabia Integrated Telecommunications Services 81 93 74 AA PASS
B02181 SA123GA0ITH7 Saudi Arabian Mining Company SJSC Saudi Arabia Mining / Metals – Specialty 78 70 78 A PASS
AAFBD1 SA0007879048 Riyad Bank SJSC Saudi Arabia Banks 52 72.5 57.5 BBB FAIL
AB25A1 SA0007879550 Saudi Electricity Company SJSC Saudi Arabia Utilities – Electric 90.5 76.5 63 A FAIL
A53B31 SA0007879089 Saudi Awwal Bank SJSC Saudi Arabia Banks 46 62.5 71 BB FAIL
B07971 SA122050HV19 Alinma Bank SJSC Saudi Arabia Islamic Banks 52 50.5 54.5 BB PASS
AB0C51 SA0007879139 SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company SJSC Saudi Arabia Chemicals – Agricultural 76 62 79.5 A PASS
AB6B61 SA000A0ETHT1 Almarai Company SJSC Saudi Arabia Food Processing 95 81 75 AA PASS
AB0091 SA0007879782 Banque Saudi Fransi SJSC Saudi Arabia Banks 29 46.5 73 B FAIL
AC2911 SA000A0D9HK3 Bank Albilad SJSC Saudi Arabia Islamic Banks 52 63 51.5 BB PASS
AAFFF1 SA0007879105 Arab National Bank Saudi Arabia Banks 0 55 69 B FAIL
AAFFB1 SA000A0DM9P2 Etihad Etisalat Company SJSC Saudi Arabia Wireless Telecommunications Services 53 66 85 BBB PASS
AFB761 SA1210540914 Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insu Co SJSC Saudi Arabia Islamic Insurance 69 68 73 A PASS
ADA0A1 SA000A0KFKK0 Sahara International Petrochemicl C SJSC Saudi Arabia Chemicals – Diversified 77 84 59 A PASS
AC2901 SA000A0HNF36 Yanbu National Petrochemicals Cmpny SJSC Saudi Arabia Chemicals – Commodity 44 67 69 BBB PASS
AB0C31 SA0007879162 Savola Group Company SJSC Saudi Arabia Food Processing 83 75.5 75 A PASS
The ESG rating is based on IdealRatings Methodology and the Shariah compliance status is based on AAOIFI publicly published guidelines.