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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Mexican companies aligned with SDGs

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Top 20 Mexican companies, by market cap, engaged in supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companies either explicitly state their involvement in serving at least one specific SDG or it reported actions in the company or to the society that are tied to at least one of the SDGs.

IR WID ISIN Name Nation Business Activity E S G Overall ESG Rating Shariah Compliance
A508F1 MXP370841019 Grupo Mexico SAB de CV Mexico Mining / Metals – Specialty 89 67 54 A PASS
A54541 MXP370711014 Grupo Financiero Banorte SAB de CV Mexico Banks 63 75 70 BBB FAIL
A1D782 US3444191064 Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB (ADR) Mexico Beverages – Non-Alcoholic 95 88 65 AA FAIL
A44851 MXP495211262 Grupo Bimbo SAB de CV Mexico Food Processing 80 65.5 72 A PASS
A548E1 MX01AC100006 Arca Continental SAB de CV Mexico Beverages – Non-Alcoholic 88.5 66 65.5 A PASS
A44741 MXP461181085 Grupo Carso S.A. de C.V. Mexico Industrial Conglomerates 34 57.5 75 BB FAIL
A54891 MXP370641013 Grupo Financiero Inbursa SAB de CV Mexico Banks 19 52.5 59 B FAIL
A54112 MX01OR010004 Orbia Advance Corp. SAB de CV Mexico Chemicals – Commodity 74 69 60 BBB FAIL
A7B5D1 MX41BS060005 Banco Sant Me SA In de Ba Mu Gr Fi Sa Mexico Banks 24 47 59 B FAIL
A05F51 US1912411089 Coca-Cola FEMSA SAB de CV Mexico Beverages – Non-Alcoholic 95 59 65.5 A FAIL
A91961 MX01PI000005 Promotora y Operadora de Infr SAB de CV Mexico Highways / Railtracks 45 41 38 B FAIL
A4FA21 MXP606941179 Kimberly-Clark de México SAB de CV Mexico Personal Products 57.5 57 49 BB PASS
A20731 US1512908898 Cemex SAB de CV (ADR) Mexico Construction Materials 69.5 77 82 A FAIL
AD4C51 MX01OM000018 Grupo Arprtr dl Cntr Nrte SABdeCV Mexico Airport Services 87 68 66.5 A PASS
A52EF1 MX01GC2M0006 GCC SAB de CV Mexico Construction Materials 81 36 35 BB PASS
A1E041 US4564631087 Industrias Bachoco, S.A.B. de C.V. (ADR) Mexico Food Processing 25 47.5 78 BB FAIL
A56021 MXP000511016 Alfa SAB de CV Mexico Industrial Conglomerates 55.5 61 77 BBB FAIL
A53811 MXP001391012 Alsea SAB de CV Mexico Restaurants 70 75.5 52 BBB FAIL
A52231 MXP4987V1378 Grupo Televisa SAB Mexico Broadcasting 93 82 81 AA FAIL
B1EC61 MX01BM1B0000 Bolsa Mexicana de Valores SAB de CV Mexico Investment Services 65 44 66 BB FAIL
The ESG rating is based on IdealRatings Methodology and the Shariah compliance status is based on AAOIFI publicly published guidelines.